kratom story

A Kratom Story

Kratom: a plant of many uses. None of which I'm allowed to insinuate or discuss based on FDA/DEA restrictions. Yeah. It’s stupid.

What’s really garbage is that we can’t be fully up front about our story and kratom without breaking the rules. So let me tell the story without telling the story:

There was a motor accident or two. They hurt Mike’s body. Bad. His body required something to help out with that hurting. The ‘help’ he received put him in a bad spot. Because he kept needing ‘help.’

He finally got free from that need through a long process of painful withdrawals. But then he hurt his back again. It was suggested to him that he get more ‘help.’ He refused. Besides the fact that that ‘help’ seriously impedes normal brain and body functioning, he could not take it and do his job at the same time.

He told his trainer the predicament, who told him about this product called kratom. We’d never heard of it.

Mike loves trying new things, so he gave it a shot and was shocked at the experience. He could consume it, he could still work, with prime mental and physical functioning, and he could still live a normal life.

My reason for using kratom is quite different than the reason Mike started taking it, but similarly has helped me by eliminating any need for the kind of 'help' that certain entities would prefer I take for a mental/emotional issue. Suffice it to say that kratom has seen me through some times.

When Mike brought this green tea like product home with him, I had misgivings, but over time, I understood that this unknown product should be more widely available. Before I knew it, we’d started a company selling the stuff!

The question we asked (and the one we're still asking) is why don't people know about this product? In an age where people seem obsessed with eating organic, non-gmo, natural, plant based foods and supplements, it would follow that people would want something like this... But, as we continued in our business, it proved incredibly difficult to advertise and sell kratom. We, along with many other kratom companies, had to blunder through payment processing platforms shutting us down and keeping our money, advertisements getting flagged, and our products being pulled from normal marketplaces like Google. 

Eventually we ended up traveling to Southeast Asia to meet our farmers, see the process of harvesting kratom, and see the production of our product. Totally worth it.

With these critically important experiences now behind us, we're moving on to tackling this industry with greater understanding and a passion for people to know about this legendary, natural product, specifically our kratom product. But not only do we want people to understand the potential for this plant, we want the world's opinion and biases about it to change as well.

We're still on our journey as a company, with one of our ultimate goals being to contribute to scientific studies on kratom and its uses, so it can become all it was meant to be. Hopefully you're on board.

We love our customers and our product, and if you ever feel the urge to share your kratom story, please send it along! We'd love to hear it. 

Read Living Legendary: Kratom and My Journey Towards Health and Wellness. 

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