Buy Kratom Amazon

Buy Kratom Amazon

Why You Can't Buy Kratom on Amazon: Exploring Alternatives

If you're among the many individuals looking to purchase kratom, you might have wondered why you can't find kratom powder or kratom capsules on Amazon. In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind the absence of kratom on the e-commerce giant and offer alternative solutions for those seeking to buy this natural supplement.

Why Kratom Is Not Available on Amazon

Kratom, a plant native to Southeast Asia, has been gaining popularity in the Western world for its potential health benefits. However, Amazon has chosen not to sell kratom due to several key factors:

  1. FDA Regulations: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has raised concerns about the safety and potential risks associated with kratom. Due to these concerns, the FDA has issued advisories against the use of kratom and has not approved it as a dietary supplement. Amazon, being a compliant marketplace, adheres to FDA regulations and chooses not to list products that may be in conflict with their guidelines. However, Amazon doesn't seem to mind selling other supplements which are not approved by the FDA. A curious fact, don't you think?

  2. Inconsistent Quality: Kratom quality can vary significantly among different sellers, making it challenging for Amazon to ensure consistent quality control and safety standards. This follows with the FDA since the FDA refuses to regulate this product in any way, it would be difficult to guarantee any consistency. This is why the American Kratom Association bears the burden of regulation according to FDA standards for food despite the FDA's hands-off and malicious approach to this plant product. Still, this inconsistency in product quality can pose risks to consumers, which is another reason Amazon is cautious about offering kratom products.

  3. Legal Restrictions: The legal status of kratom varies from state to state and even on a federal level in the United States. This legal ambiguity makes it difficult for Amazon to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, potentially exposing the company to legal issues. Therefore, to avoid potential legal complications, Amazon has opted not to sell kratom products. You can find an up to date map of states which have banned kratom on the American Kratom Association's website and keep up to date on ban reversals and implementation of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act by following the link.

Where to Buy Kratom Instead

If you're still interested in purchasing kratom, there are alternative options available:

  1. Specialized Kratom Vendors: Many online retailers specialize in selling high-quality kratom products. These vendors often have dedicated quality control measures in place to ensure the purity and potency of their products. Research and choose a reputable vendor to purchase kratom safely. This is our best recommendation as you are more likely to find high quality and safe product by such vendors. We ourselves, Legends Kratom Company, are American Kratom Association certified vendors. To see our logo on the AKA's website by following the link above. 

  2. Local Smoke or Herbal Shops: Depending on your location, you may find kratom available in local smoke shops or herbal stores. While this option provides convenience, be sure to do your research and buy from trusted retailers to ensure the product's quality.

  3. Online Kratom Forums: Kratom enthusiasts often share their experiences and recommendations on online forums and communities. These platforms can be valuable sources of information for finding reliable kratom sources.


In summary, you won't find kratom for sale on Amazon due to FDA regulations, concerns about product quality, and legal ambiguities. Instead, consider purchasing kratom from specialized vendors, local shops, or by seeking recommendations from the kratom community. Always prioritize quality and safety when buying kratom, and consult your local regulations to ensure compliance with the law.

By exploring these alternative options, you can safely and responsibly acquire kratom products while Amazon continues to maintain its policy against selling them.

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