Two founders of Legendary Kratom Company and advocacy for aiming at living a healthy lifestyle and kratom as part of that healthy lifestyle

Our Story

Kratom played a key role for us as a couple in our pursuit towards health and wellness and opened up our eyes to opportunities to live legendary.

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Two founders of Legends Kratom Company living legendary and adventurous lives by skydiving and pursuing dreams like creating a kratom company of high quality kratom products

Our Purpose

As a couple, we started Infinity Supplements World Wide, Inc. adventured to Southeast Asia, and learned all we could about kratom.

Our dream and our purpose in creating Legends Kratom Co. is to introduce and produce kratom as a supporting supplement in the aim of living an all around healthy lifestyle. And ultimately, to live legendary lives.

Our Values

Living fully ALIVE - in truth, in adventure, and in authenticity.

Living CONNECTED to ourselves, to others, and to God.

Living PURPOSEFULLY - aiming thoughtfully and acting wisely.

Drinking kratom tea, consuming kratom should be done safely and with a doctor's approval and while living a healthy lifestyle

Kratom Use

Kratom is a natural, earth-grown gift to humanity that should be used responsibly and paired with habits of healthy eating, exercise, and the pursuit of mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing.

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