Two founders of Legendary Kratom Company and advocacy for aiming at living a healthy lifestyle and kratom as part of that healthy lifestyle

Our Story

Kratom played a key role for us as a couple in our pursuit towards health and wellness and opened up our eyes to opportunities to live legendary.

Two founders of Legends Kratom Company living legendary and adventurous lives by skydiving and pursuing dreams like creating a kratom company of high quality kratom products

Our Purpose

As a couple, we started Infinity Supplements World Wide, Inc. adventured to Southeast Asia, and learned all we could about kratom.

Our dream and our purpose in creating Legends Kratom Co. is to introduce and produce kratom as a supporting supplement in the aim of living an all around healthy lifestyle. And ultimately, to live legendary lives.

Our Vision & Our Why

From the CEO

My wife and our staff are truly amazing. I say my staff is amazing not because they are fantastic at their work alone, but because I get the pleasure of knowing their hearts.

They all truly care most about and understand that we are here on this earth and at Legends Kratom Company to build relationships and do whatever is in our power to help the individual.

This business is just simply an avenue to the heart of the customer and to serve the customer. There is so much broken in this life and world, and we believe people long to be known.

So, our vision for the future of this company isn't about making money for the sake of making money.

Our future is building something that can set people free; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Our business is about one day...

building a school that teaches kids how to think and not what to think, to think critically about anything that's worth thinking about.

It's about building an orphanage that can exist so that as many children as possible can be shown that they are loved and that they do matter.

It's building a team and a force to end sex slavery.

It's about building a place that those victimized by slavery can come and get the mental and physical help they need, so they are able to go and live an abundant life knowing that they matter in this world.

It's building a facility that can help those stuck in addiction find freedom from those chains that bind them to the gutter of an alleyway.

It's building a retreat/refuge that those burdened and beaten down by life can come find rest and resolve, to learn to dream again.

It's building a company that could provide WELL paying jobs to people so that they too can live an abundant life.

It's ultimately about creating something that can support and provide freedom to all who experience hurt, pain, anxiety, rejection, lifelessness, lost, hopeless, and most importantly, Godless.

We are confident that God will make a way. We literally risked everything to create this business in the hopes to use it as a tool to help all people.

And even now, we are at the point where we could lose everything. I/we made a bunch of risky moves within the last two years where we had to put it ALL on the line. If God wills it then I believe those moves will propel us forward in ways previously not seen or imagined. Our hope and prayer is that this was the right thing to do, regardless of how nerve wracking and terrifying it may be, even if we lose everything. Our entire team is in agreement on this.

That's another reason I can say that they are simply the best. Also, I can't stress this enough, if you prefer another company over ours that is 100% fantastic. There are many amazing companies out there with amazing product and we have no ill will to them or you! I don't say what I say to try and play on people's emotions. I say what I say because it's true. If you want, test me on this. Don't buy our product, don't leave reviews, don't talk about us ever. If we are doing what we are supposed to be doing, then what will be will be.

I'm going to continue to be vulnerable and tell you this, as I'm writing this I'm crying. I'm remembering my previous life and what I was saved from all because God sent some amazing people in my life to actually give a shit about me. People who actually wanted to help me, not because there was anything to gain but because God had done that for them. I cry because men, women and children around the world are being used and abused in every way imaginable... I can't even imagine what that must be like. To feel like you are alone, and no one is coming to save you. I cry because I know what it's like to be beat to a pulp and left for dead. I know what it's like to feel rejected by everyone. I know what it's like to feel hopeless and bound for death and destruction. And I also now know what it feel like to be saved, to be cared for, to be told that I matter, to be seen, to be know.

I will fight like hell to build something that can help set the captive free, physically and metaphorically. My team and I live by this! This is why we exist! While we are not God and not able to "save" everyone, know that I will spend my life trying. We'd rather live having attempted and not succeeded 100% than spend our time wondering what could have been.

This is the why behind our company.

We do what we do because God saved me/us when were unloved and unwanted by everyone. He gave us purpose and meaning. And whether or not you buy into God, please understand that our heart comes from a place of wanting, longing for everyone to know what it means to be free, to be seen, and to be known.

Kratom is an amazing thing and regardless of how you feel or believe, we will strive to always provide you with nothing but the best. There are many amazing companies out there so if you choose them, I still love you and value you just the same. No strings attached. Please use kratom responsibly and if you ever have any questions, please reach out to us and we will do our best to get/give you the most accurate information that is out there.

People Over Products

Freedom Over Bondage

God Over ALL

This is what it means to Live Legendary.

We love you all, and God bless each and every one of you!

Our Values

Living fully ALIVE - in truth, in adventure, and in authenticity.

Living CONNECTED to ourselves, to others, and to God.

Living PURPOSEFULLY - aiming thoughtfully and acting wisely.

Drinking kratom tea, consuming kratom should be done safely and with a doctor's approval and while living a healthy lifestyle

Kratom Use

Kratom is a natural, earth-grown gift to humanity that should be used responsibly and paired with habits of healthy eating, exercise, and the pursuit of mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing.

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