Benefits of Kratom

Kratom can provide an enhanced focus and mental clarity with white vein kratom, and a relaxed sense of wellbeing with green vein kratom, in addition to supporting those with physical discomfort and relaxation.

People typically take kratom in capsule or powder form in low doses for the above potential benefits.

Red Vein Kratom leaves hanging to dry out before being crushed. What is kratom? it is a leaf that is crushed and ground to a powder and used in tea.

What is Kratom?

Kratom leaves grow from a tropical evergreen tree of the coffee family. The primary active alkoloid in kratom, mitragynine, is derived from the plant's latin name, mitragyna speciosa.

Kratom leaves have historically been used for many purposes including stimulation, focus, while some users say it is helpful for pain, and anxiety. Natives of Southeast Asia chew on the leaves or harvest, dry, and crush them into kratom powder and drink as a tea.

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Kratom products tested for heavy metals, biology and quality. We take quality and safety of our kratom seriously and take the precautions necessary. We perform testing on all our kratom powder products and kratom capsules

Health & Safety

We are an American Kratom Association Certified Vendor. We go to great lengths to verify our kratom product is safe to use and of the highest quality. We take your health seriously, and so we take these health and safety precautions:

All of our kratom products undergo rigorous, quality* heavy metal** and microbiotic*** testing and are packaged in an FDA, GMP, USDA Certified Organic site. We follow all guidelines established by the American Kratom Association as we are an AKA Certified Vendor.

*tested for premium quality

**tested for arsenic, cadmium, led, mercury, nickel etc. 

***tested for yeast, mold, bad bacteria, e-coli, salmonella, etc. 


Who We Are

Legends Kratom Company is a direct-to-consumer branch of our parent company, Infinity Supplements World Wide, Inc. and works together with Infinity Imports and Distribution to create a network of kratom wholesalers, distributers, and consumers.

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