Medusa's Gaze - Kratom Extract

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Details: Capsules containing 105mg of 75%-85% MIT extract per capsule, pure kratom extract. This product is for the veteran kratom users. This is a full spectrum product for a well rounded and exhilarating experience. Highly Potent, proceed with caution.

  • 2 extract capsules
  • 5 extract capsules.

Experience the captivating power of Medusa's Gaze Extract, the ultimate choice for kratom enthusiasts seeking the potency of a full spectrum extract. As a trusted provider of premium kratom extract, we take pride in offering a meticulously crafted selection that embodies strength and purity. Immerse yourself in the intense effects of this remarkable extract and let Medusa's Gaze captivate your senses.

Notice: This product should be consumed only by kratom veterans that know exactly how their body responds. We genuinely care about everyone's health & safety and know the quality and strength of our products. We don't think it should be used by first timers, but everyone is free to choose for themselves.